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Summary of Islam

Here is a one page executive summary of Islam and the current political situation in western countries, particularly in the UK.  Please download this and email it to all your contacts, and ask them to forward it on.  The more people we can help to understand Islam the sooner it can be tackled.



These books:

There is no cost, they are given as a free gift to humanity.  Please send them to everybody you know who is concerned, and ask them to pass them on.

Please host these books on your own website, in case this website becomes blocked.


The destruction of Islam

A miracle has happened - the Pope no longer believes that Hell exists!  It is of course a pagan concept and should never have been incorporated into Christianity.  If Christianity can now be honest about its origins, and remove this pagan heresy, there is a good chance that Islam will collapse.  This pagan concept within Christianity is propping up Islam, and so preventing Islam from collapsing.  Read the books on this website for further details.

It is important to share these books as widely as possible.  Particularly with Christians who now have it within their capability to remove the evil death-cult called Islam.  Please forward the link to this website to all your contacts.  Imagine if all Islamic terrorist organisations such as ISIS would self-destruct.  It should be achievable if their fundamental beliefs are shown to be false.

Believe that Islam can be destroyed

For western democratic traditions to survive into the future there is only one possible option – Islam must be destroyed.

To be absolutely clear from the start, by this statement I am not suggesting killing Muslims. They are our fellow human beings, deserving of respect and decent treatment. They are now, and have been for the past fourteen centuries the greatest victims of Islam. If we help them to destroy Islam, to fee themselves from this mental slavery, and in places physical slavery, in the end they will thank us for it.

The requirement to rid the world of this anti-human death cult is becoming increasingly urgent. Politicians in western countries have become enamoured with the idea that Islam is peaceful and that somehow the jihadists have distorted this supposedly good and decent religion for their own evil ends. The truth is the exact opposite. The violent behaviour , the murder of gays , and the capture of women as sex slaves are all true and authentic Islam. You will find all these teachings and other inhuman and degrading instructions within the Koran. You can easily find it online, read it for yourself.

It is no use defeating one or another group of jihadists, this does not remove the root of the problem, and even if one set are destroyed others will crop up at a later date or in a different place. Defeating them militarily is a fool's errand, it can never succeed in the long term. What we must achieve is the total destruction of Islam itself. And this destruction must include the relatively peaceful Ahmadi and Sufi sects, they cannot be spared either.  And just to repeat, this destruction of the ideology does not require the killing or ill treatment of any person. In fact it will be achieved more easily by avoiding killing anybody.

There is a way to destroy Islam, however if you are a Christian you may not much like the approach, at least not at first. Once you see the approach needed, and the honesty that this will also bring to Christianity, then you will welcome it. This book is just outlining the start of the process, no doubt there will be other areas of reform required too.

It does appear that Islam has a fatal weakness, which has not as yet been properly tested. It has to be tested urgently. 




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